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The Art of Eating read by Diane Baker

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M.F.K. Fisher wrote many books about "eating", "The Art of Eating" is one of her most famous. Diane Baker and her partners in Books for Listening decided to trek to St. Helena, Napa Valley, to meet Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher and record selections from her book. M.F.K. was the audience as the recording was done. She wrote about the "fleeting tastes and feasts vividly, excitingly, sensuously and exquisitely." James Beard.

"The most interesting philosopher of food now practicing in our country" – says Clifton Fadiman

"M.F.K. is our greatest food writer beccause she puts food in the mouth, the mind and the imagination all at the same time." Shana Alexander

"She makes you laugh, tells you stories, intrigues your mind, gives you an appetite, takes you on her travels. She is witty, wise and unpretentious.’ Jane Grigson

Diane Baker reads these selections with loving clarity and remembers when she finished one of the readings in M.F.K.’s home, that she heard the great writer applauding her by rapping a candy tin against the metal armrest of her hospital bed. This was the greatest compliment Ms. Baker feels she received for her effort.


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