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Murder At 1600
bulletDiane Baker plays the First Lady to the President of the U.S. (Ronny Cox).Harlan Regis (Wesley Snipes) is a D.C. homicide detective who is called in to investigate the murder of a woman at the White House. Aided, reluctantly at first, by Secret Service Agent Nina Chance (DIANE LANE), who's been ordered to wrap up the case as quickly and quietly as possible. Regis and Chance must race to save their own lives as well as those of the innocent parties who could be the killer's next targets.  

Imaginary Crimes
bulletDiane Baker plays Abigail Tate, the principal of the private school where a small-time hustler sends his eldest daughter. The hustler (Harvey Keitel) does the best he can in raising his two motherless daughters in this emotional drama.

The Net
bulletDiane Baker plays Angela's (Sandra Bullock) mother in this fast-paced Hollywood cyber-thriller about a beautiful hacker embroiled in computer espionage. Though many Baker fans missed seeing her in crucial scene where Bullock makes a last attempt to reach her mother at the home for the ill.  This film amply satisfies the many genre fans. Sandra Bullock devotees rave over this.

The Cable Guy
bulletDiane Baker plays Mathew Broderick's mother in this outrageously dark suspense/comedy about a yuppie being stalked by a deranged cable repairman. Carrey fans expecting lighthearted silliness will be startled by the surprisingly dark tone, though black comedy lovers will enjoy this.

Twenty Bucks
bulletDiane Baker plays Elizabeth Shue's mother in this comedy which follows the path of a twenty dollar bill as it travels from person to person.  This film is full of quirky comic/dramatic vignettes and will please fans of slice-of-life stories and nuanced character studies.  The film also stars Christopher Lloyd, Linda Hunt, Spalding Gray, Steve Buscemi and Gladys Knight.

The Silence Of The Lambs
bulletDiane Baker plays the Senator from Tennesse,and the mother of the kidnapped girl who is held in a pit by the deranged serial killer.  Jodie Foster, an ambitious FBI student, on the verge of graduation, is enlisted by her superior to help track down a serial killer. But to find him, she has to enlist the aid of an incarcerated ex-psychiatrist -- known as "Hannibal the Cannibal" -- who understands the killer's mind and motive. Hannibal agrees to help her: but in exchange, she has to tell him her deepest secrets...

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Courage Under Fire
bulletDiane Baker plays the mother of the young soldier who was killed by "friendly fire".  The film is a compelling tale of a career Army officer (Denzel Washington) troubled by Persian Gulf War incident in which he was involved in an accidental death. Now he's assigned to investigate the death of a female Captain (Ryan) nominated for the Medal of Honor. In RASHOMON-like flashbacks, we learn that there's more to her story than meets the eye. Intelligent, multilayered story (by Patrick Sheane Duncan) about integrity, personal honor, and public hypocrisy.

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The Closer

Diane Baker plays the wife of Danny Aielo, a salesman who is retiring and must choose a successor; meanwhile, he realizes that he can no longer communicate with his wife and other family members. With his health failing, Grant discovers too late what he's sacrificed in his brutal bargain with life.

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Baker's Hawk
bulletDiane Baker plays the wife of Clint Walker.  This is the story of a young boy who befriends a hermit (Burl Ives) who has a special rapport with animals. When the father must confront some vigilantes, the boy finds the strength to help in the conflict.  A Classic American Film! The crusty old hermit, a hawk and a young boy forge a friendship that can never be broken, and an entire town learns a valuable lesson about human nature form Baker's Hawk. This is a solid family drama with some beautiful Western scenery.

bulletDiane Baker plays a wealthy widow who hires a Captain (Maximilian Schell) who puts together a crew and other characters (Brian Keith, Sal Mineo), to take her by ship to the South Pacific island of Java, to help her find a treasure that belonged to her family.   These treasure hunters find more than doubloons, as the titular volcano threatens to wash out the tiny island of Java (of which Krakatoa actually lies west) with a giant tsunami. Based on an actual massive eruption in the 1800s, which devastated the island and killed thousands.

The Horse In The Gray Flannel Suit
bulletDiane Baker plays the horse trainer who teaches the daughter of a New York ad executive (Dean Jones).  He is in trouble at home as well as the office.  His daughter is a gifted horse rider who wants nothing more than to own her own horse, but with dad's meager budget he simply can't afford it. Added to that is the order from his boss that he invent an interesting ad campaign for the company's newest product, a stomach pill called "Aspercel." When he decides that the best thing to do is to buy a horse for his daughter and name it "Aspercel," the results aren't an immediate success.

bulletDiane Baker plays the woman in the center of a conspiracy and ends up falling in love with Stillwell (Gregory Peck). A taut, all-star suspense thriller about a businessman who, discovering he's suffering from amnesia, hires a private investigator to help him solve a mysterious death before someone connected with the crime gets the chance to kill him.  As he gets closer to the truth, he begins to realize he may not want to remember it.  Based on the novel by Walter Ericson.David Stillwell leaves his office during a power failure in his building and discovers that he has no idea what he has been doing for the last two years. With the assistance of a neophyte private detective, Stillwell investigates the bits of his life that he is able to piece together, and realizes that he is at the center of a scientific and political conspiracy.

bulletDiane Baker plays the sister-in-law of Mark Rutland (Sean Connery) who is also in love with him.  She becomes resentful when she learns of his obsession with his beautiful employee (Tippi Hedrin) and her kleptomania.  He falls in love with her and finally must investigate her past to discover why she is so tormented. He decides to marry her even after he learns that she is pathological liar and a compulsive thief. This Hitchcock film appeals to fans of psychological drama with its convincing character portraits, and ability to delve into mental states. 

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Fatal Confinement
bulletDiane Baker plays Joan Crawford's daughter in this mysterious drama.  An over-protective mother and her ill daughter have lived in complete isolation for 15 years.   They become reconnected with the world when a corporation wants to buy their land. Will the pair fight the company for the right to keep their land? Or will they succumb, and learn to adjust to the "real world"? The daughter falls in love with a visitor (Paul Burke) who gives her the strength to make a life of her own and leave her isolation and her mother. 

Strait Jacket
bulletDiane Baker plays the daughter of a woman was accused of a young woman who has grown up without her mother (Joan Crawford). A jealous woman kills her husband and his mistress in a fit of rage, and is committed to an insane asylum for 20 years. Shortly after her release, mysterious ax murders begin to occur.  

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The Prize
bulletDiane Baker plays Nobel Prize winner, Edward G. Robinson's neice. The twin brother of a Nobel Prize winner gets involved in a plot to transport his sibling behind the Iron Curtain. An American Nobel Prize recipient in Literature uncovers a plot to kidnap an award-winning scientist during the ceremonies in Stockholm. The American novelist confesses he suspects the German physicist is an imposter.  Before long, he finds himself involved with communist agents, a murder and a near-drowning... his own.

Stolen Hours
bulletDiane Baker plays the younger sister of Susan Hayward, an oil-rich heiress who passes the time in the English countryside giving parties, taking pills and lovers, hobnobbing with pretenders to the aristocracy and ignoring ominous symptoms of illness. Then she meets a young doctor who sees through her insouciance - and time becomes more precious than she ever imagined.  A remake of "Dark Victory" with Bette Davis.

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The Diary Of Anne Frank
bulletFrances Goodrich and Albert Hackett's Pulitzer Prize-winning play is translated to film in this gripping account of WWII Jewish refugees hiding in occupied Amsterdam.  Anne Frank's celebrated diary of the harrowing experience reveals her flourishing spirit in one of the darkest of our times. Highly successful new production of the play on Broadway in 1997-1998.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth
bulletDiane Baker plays James Mason's daughter in this fantasy/adventure about an expedition to the Earth's core. Based on the Jules Verne novel, a scientist (James Mason) heads out on a treacherous journey to the center of the earth. With him are an intrepid student (Pat Boone), an Icelandic guide and the widow of a geologist who steals his information in an attempt to beat him to the earth's core. Along the way the group are confronted by all manner of dangerous obstacles: excessive heat and cold, gale force winds, and tremendous floods.   They ultimately uncover the lost city of Atlantis. The fine special effects in this film add to the fun.   3 Academy Award Nominations.

The Best Of Everything
bulletDiane Baker plays April Morrison. The film is set in New York City during the 1950s, this stylish melodrama follows the illicit affairs of several career women in the glamorous world of book-publishing. The women pay a heavy emotional price for their involvement with married men: one ends up pregnant and must make a difficult choice; another has a breakdown when she is jilted. Despite their witty repartee, the editorial staff doesn't always secure the "best of everything" in their own lives. Based on Rona Jaffe's novel.  Joan Crawford is tailor-made as the steely boss unnerved by her affair with a married man, and  former model Parker adds a glossy sheen.   Diane Baker is a young innocent from the midwest who ends up pregnant and jilted by Bob Evans.  Hope Lange is the talented successor to the top job and wonders at the end if it was worth it.

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The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones
bulletDiane Baker plays a country woman in the drama who comes across gentleman cowboy Kiowa Jones who finds himself deputized by an ailing U.S. Marshal and assigned to escort two convicted outlaws to their hanging in a fort several days' journey away. Watching his prisoners, however, turns out to be the least of Deputy Jones' troubles.

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The Joy Luck Club
bulletFour women of different ages use their varied life experiences to understand and help each other. Based on the novel by Amy Tan.
wpeC.jpg (11413 bytes) The Wizard of Baghdad

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Nine Hours To Rama

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Actress filmography

  1. About Sarah (1998) (TV) .... Lila
  2. Murder at 1600 (1997) .... Kitty Neil
  3. Courage Under Fire (1996) .... Louise Boylar
  4. Cable Guy, The (1996) .... Steven's Mother
  5. Net, The (1995) .... Mrs. Bennett
  6. Walton Wedding, A (1995) (TV) .... Charlotte Gilchrist
  7. Imaginary Crimes (1994) .... Abigail Tate
  8. Joy Luck Club, The (1993) .... Mrs. Jordan
  9. Twenty Bucks (1993) .... Ruth Adams
  10. Perry Mason: The Case of the Heartbroken Bride (1992) (TV) .... Laura Parrish
  11. Haunted, The (1991) (TV) .... Lorraine
  12. Silence of the Lambs, The (1991) .... Senator Ruth Martin
  13. Closer, The (1991) .... Beatrice Grant
  14. "Woman of Substance, A" (1983) (mini) TV Series .... Laura
  15. "Blue and the Gray, The" (1982) (mini) TV Series .... Evelyn Hale
  16. Fugitive Family (1980) (TV) .... Ellen Roberts
  17. Pilot, The (1979) .... Pat Simpson
    ... aka Danger in the Skies (1979)
  18. Baker's Hawk (1976) .... Jenny Baker
  19. Columbo: Last Salute to the Commodore (1976) (TV) .... Joanna Clay
  20. Last Survivors, The (1975) (TV) .... Marilyn West
  21. Dream Makers, The (1975) (TV) .... Mary Stone
  22. Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A (1974) (TV) .... Katie Nolan
  23. "Here We Go Again" (1973) TV Series .... Susan Evans
  24. Police Story, The (1973) (TV) .... Jenny
  25. Killer by Night (1972) (TV) .... Tracey Morrow
    ... aka City by Night, The (1972) (TV)
  26. Little Game, A (1971) (TV) .... Elaine Hamilton
  27. Congratulations, It's a Boy! (1971) (TV) .... Eydie
    ... aka So's Your Old Man! (1971) (TV)
  28. Sarge (1971) (TV) .... Carol Swanson
    ... aka Badge or the Cross, The (1971) (TV)
    ... aka Sarge: The Badge or the Cross (1971) (TV) (USA)
  29. Old Man Who Cried Wolf, The (1970) (TV) .... Peggy Pulska
  30. Do You Take This Stranger? (1970) (TV) .... Rachel Jarvis
    ... aka Knock at the Wrong Door (1970) (TV)
    ... aka Strangers and Lovers (1970) (TV)
  31. Wheeler and Murdoch (1970) (TV)
  32. D.A.: Murder One (1969) (TV) .... Mary Brokaw
    ... aka Murder One (1969) (TV)
  33. Trial Run (1969) (TV) .... Carole Trenet
  34. Krakatoa, East of Java (1969) .... Laura
    ... aka Volcano (1969)
  35. Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit, The (1968) .... Suzie Clemens
  36. Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones, The (1966) (TV) .... Amilia Rathmore
  37. Sands of Beersheba (1966) .... Susan
    ... aka Mordei ha'or (1966)
    ... aka Rebel Against the Light (1966)
  38. Mirage (1965) .... Sheila
  39. Della (1965) .... Jenny Chappell
    ... aka Fatal Confinement (1965)
  40. Marnie (1964) .... Lil Mainwaring
  41. Strait-Jacket (1964) .... Carol Harbin
  42. Nine Hours to Rama (1963)
  43. Prize, The (1963) .... Emily Stratman
  44. Stolen Hours (1963)
  45. Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man (1962) .... Carolyn
    ... aka Adventures of a Young Man (1962)
  46. 300 Spartans, The (1962) .... Ellas
    ... aka Lion of Sparta (1962)
  47. Tess of the Storm Country (1960)
  48. Wizard of Baghdad, The (1960) .... Princess Yasmin
  49. Diary of Anne Frank, The (1959) .... Margot Frank
  50. Best of Everything, The (1959) .... April
  51. Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959) .... Jenny
    ... aka Trip to the Center of the Earth (1959)

Producer filmography

Since 1980, Ms. Baker spent time creating TV and Film projects, first under contract with Columbia TV, later Orion TV, and finally under her own, independent film production company, BAKER STREET ENTERTAINMENT.

ASHIANA (The Nest), about the end of feudalism and the beginning of democracy.

PORTRAIT OF GRANDPA DOC, directed by Randal Kleiser ("Grease," "Blue Lagoon,") starring Melvyn Douglas, Barbara Rush, Bruce Davison and Anne Seymour, for ABC.

ONE OF A KIND, a one hour special for ABC,  directed by Harry Winer, used a Punch & Judy style puppet show as a backdrop to illustrate problems of child abuse. It won a gold medal at MIFED, "The Year of the Child" award in Milan as well as top awards from the Chicago International Film Festival, American Film Festival and a Bronze Halo Award of Special Merit from the Southern California Motion Picture Council.

NEVER-NEVER LAND, starring Petula Clark, Cathleen Nesbitt, Anne Seymour and Roland Culver. The story traces a nine year old girl's journey from a broken home to her escape from loneliness through the Peter Pan myth. The film was shot at Kensington Gardens and EMI Studios.

TO CLIMB A MOUNTAIN, a one-hour documentary for HBO on the twelve disabled persons who climbed Mt. Rainier in July, 1981, won Gold Medals from both the Chicago International Film Festival and the 25th International Film Festival of New York. It also received First Prize at the San Francisco Film Festival and the R.F.K. Journalism Award for Excellence.

MIRACLES IN THE MAKING, a one-hour documentary for KTLA, involving Norman Cousins, about the medical options people have as regards their health. The program received an Emmy Nomination in Public Affairs.

A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, a six-hour mini-series,  starring Jenny Seagrove, Deborah Kerr, Liam Neeson, Miranda Richardson, John Mills and Barry Bostwick. The program proved to be one of the most successful syndicated mini-series both in the United States and abroad in recent years. It was nominated for an Emmy in Best Mini-Series Category, and continues to be seen throughout the world on cable.

MALCOLM TAKES A SHOT  Ms. Baker produced the first AFI drama to be aired on a network (a CBS SchoolBreak Special) . Directed by Mario Van Peebles and starring Tony LoBianco, Susan Ruttan and Margaret Avery, it is the story of a hot-shot high school basketball player, whose life as the school hero is suddenly turned upside-down, when he learns he has epilepsy. The special was nominated for a Humanitas Award.

Baker Street Entertainment is currently developing numerous TV films, theatrical features, and documentaries. Her greatest wish is to do positive films that enhance our understanding of life, uplift, and above all, entertain.

The company is a partner in BOOKS FOR LISTENING, which produces audio cassettes of well-known personalities. Among the most notable, Dame Judith Anderson, David Soul, and Diane Baker.

Miscellaneous crew filmography

  1. Kim (1984) (TV) (production consultant)


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